How to decorate small bathrooms

Although it often seems that the reduced space of small bathrooms Don't let them be nicely decorated, there are creative ways to add an extra touch of charm to these spaces without making them even smaller or less functional.

Just use creativity and not overdo it to decorate even very small bathrooms. And the first tip is to be careful with the very strong colors and very patterned objects so as not to further diminish the feeling of space.

The bathroom door can be used to store towels and toilet paper holder, so these items are more organized and a space then wasted. Invest in plain or chrome towel rails to enhance the look of the door. Remember that it is important to think about the position of the box / bathtub so that the towels are within reach of those who need it.

Another option of how to decorate small bathrooms Take advantage of the corners to put shelves, saving cabinet space to store objects you do not want to show. Cabinet mirrors are allied with small bathrooms, as they usually snap directly into the wall without taking up much space and are ideal for storing toiletries.

Instead of just using a sink countertop, replace it with a sink cabinet to make the most of the space under the sink. If you have any free walls in the bathroom, you can put a mirror up to the full height of the wall, giving you a greater sense of space or decorating with small pictures.

Going for rugs and towels is a quick and inexpensive way to innovate in small bathroom decor. If your environment has soft colored objects and walls, bet on the brightest colored fabrics. If the bathroom has darker shades, invest in white towels or other light colors.

The glass enclosure also enhances the feeling of space in the bathroom. If you have a bathtub, choose a charming curtain and make it even more cozy. You can also decorate the spaces near the sides of the bathtub with candles or small plants.

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