Is wearing a headset bad?

O Earphone has been a companion since a long time ago when there were still only walkmans and discmans. There are so many choices of headset electronics nowadays and these are so affordable that owning a headset has become commonplace for many more people, including the elderly and children.

As a consequence, the discussion around the harms of overuse of the headset It has widened and it has become difficult to discern what is really harmful from what is beneficial when it comes to using this little equipment. So let's clarify some important information regarding headphones.

When is using the headset bad?

O use of headset may be harmful when his sound exceeds healthy levels for our hearing aids. This is when the unit of measurement of sound? the decibel? If it goes beyond 90, your ear may start to suffer some damage. The danger increases when this happens for seven hours or more. The maximum power of your device in decibels can be verified in the manual so that you can avoid harmful exposure.

It is common for some types of service to be work listening to music on the headset the whole day. However, this can mean a risk to one's health. Anyone who likes to listen to very loud music and gets the entire work shift with the earphone on can impair your hearing seriously.

Analyze your listening comprehension: If you have trouble hearing what someone says, in a normal tone of voice in a low-noise environment, you may already be experiencing consequences of overuse of headset. In this case, it is advisable to seek a speech therapist to analyze the situation of your hearing aid and immediately decrease the intensity of the use of the headset.

Why is wearing a headset good?

Fortunately, the headset use is not only harmfulIt also has its positives and can do well for your health and well being. The handset can be a great ally to help you relax in times of stress at work or give you more energy to do that gym workout you don't like so much.

It is also advisable to use the external rather than the internal headset. The internal has direct contact with the ear canal and can leave impurities in it, which can give allergy or irritation. It is also worth remembering that its use is beneficial only when it is in the right measure. Don't overdo the volume and hours of use and you'll only have joys with your headset and save those around having to listen to the same music as you.

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