Matte Effect Lipstick

After the frost-effect nail polish fever, now is the lipstick's turn. When they appeared in the fashion shows of several famous brands, they were very successful among women and quickly became one of the most desired makeup items of the moment.

With its totally opaque effect and no glare, the matte lipstick, as is also known the matte effect lipstickIt can be found in many colors and shades that match any type of skin.

Even though it looks dry, the matte lipstick Does not leave the lips dry. Its formula is the same as the common lipsticks, which continue to moisturize the lips normally, what changes is just the effect.

O matte effect lipstick It is easy to apply and the fixation is very long lasting. But for lips to look beautiful, you must always moisturize them with lip moisturizers. Especially on cold days, so they don't get cracked and dry-looking.

At matte effect lipstick colors Most sought after are pink, red, orange and nude shades. These colors match any look, season and give a touch of boldness.

A great tip to complete the look with the matte lipstick They are heavy, smoky eyes.

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