Meet 5 beauty apps for mobile

It is a mistake to think that technology is in favor of medicine, science or communication only. By means of beauty and fashion apps for iPhone and Android (operating system of tablet phones), the technology is also allied with female beauty. While facing traffic on the way to work, women can get to know and test the news of the biggest make-up brands, know the nail polish trends, see step by step make-ups and check out a multitude of tips.

But what are mobile apps? Apps (by which they are recognized) are programs that perform specific functions and can make life easier for people with the latest news or beauty and fashion tips. Each operating system has a? Store? where you can buy or download these programs, which can be free or paid. Once installed on your phone, some can be used even without your internet connection.

At the invitation of Le Baragosse, student Raquel Brandão Inácio tested two applications: one from Make Up Forever, called Pocket Studio, and another called Mobo Trends. Today everyone is connected. It is easier to follow the tips through the mobile. Additionally, many of these applications calculate performance and alert us when needed. This facility helps a lot to diet, become more beautiful and exercise more profitably ?, he says.

Pocket Studio lets you choose between tips for improving imperfections, for example, or makeup tips for a variety of situations and styles. "For example, the person chooses the glamorous style and the work situation and then is redirected to a video that teaches a look (makeup) with these characteristics", exemplifies Raquel.

For the second application, the student has no compliments. The Mobo Trends is very weak and confusing. It's like a fashion social network that would feature look tips, but instead only brings news from fashion magazines.

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Cosmetifique: When in a store and wonder if the product in your hands is of quality, pick up the phone and use Cosmetifique. The application evaluates the product with green (buy without fear), yellow (be aware) and red balls (better rethink the purchase). The analyzes are based on criteria such as the brand's concern for the environment and the health of consumers.

Get the look? Stila: Stila also used the app to tell the latest brand news to women. But the difference of this program is that it has quick makeup tips and tutorials tailored to each face shape, hair color and other aspects that help define which make up to do.

Marie Claire Beauty Genius: For those who want to learn in practice, this app with beauty tips in walkthrough videos and even makeup tutorials.

Lancome Make-up: Anyone who loves makeup will find in this application options for eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. Best of all, it's possible to 'test', not in the conventional way, of course. With tools for user interaction, gives the idea of ​​how products would look on the skin.

OPI: In addition to being able to test makeup, women can test nail polish through mobile apps. OPI makes available on its platform colors of all its nail polish collections and allows the user to test the shades and can arrange them according to preference.

Stay on top of you also with the news of the universe of beauty and technology. Raquel recommends the simplest apps with easy everyday tips. I also have a calorie counter and RunKeeper. The first aid in diet and the second in exercise ?, ends.

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