Occupational therapy and the development of special children

According to data from the Bahian Association of Down Syndrome? Ser Down, Brazil, are born approximately eight thousand babies with this disability per year. These children have delays in motor and mental functions, but they can lead a normal life: play, study and interact with others. To this end, neuropsychomotor development can work through occupational therapy.

From an early age, as a natural instinct, children They want to know the world through play, which is a way to explore the environment in which they live. And taking care of occupation is a basic principle of occupational therapy. Therefore, in order to work on motor and mental development in a way that performs activities expected for the age, the professionals of the field work with "play".

For occupational therapist Ana Lúcia Barbosa Alves, the interaction with playful activities, as are games and games, is important for the proper progress of therapy. "When a child does not have the development that is expected for its age, we seek to do things that make it accompany the others," he says.

THE Down's syndrome It happens when there is one extra chromosome in a person's cells. The cells of a normal individual have 46 chromosomes and one down, 47. This genetic anomaly, however, has variations from which three types of condition arise: simple trisomy, translocation, and mosaic; which is the rarest in only 2% and affects only part of the cells.

According to Ana Lúcia, children with down syndrome Mosaic tiles may respond to treatment more easily. Even so, each one presents the results in a way, since the degree of involvement of the syndrome is different in each case and can be intellectual or motor. "Today, already have two babies in therapies and this is very good, the results appear faster," he says.

Downs have already proven that they are able to perform all the activities a person without the syndrome can do. Who hasn't fallen in love with Clara, a character played by Joana Mocarzel, from the soap opera Pages of Life? In 2006, when the soap opera aired on Globo, the girl was only 7 years old. Even at a young age, she showed Brazil that a person with down can play, go to school and interact with other children. However, this development can be more easily achieved through treatments, and occupational therapy is one of them.

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