Olive Skin Care and Makeup Tips

THE olive skin It is brunette, yellowish and has a slightly greenish bottom. It is a very common skin tone among Brazilian women, especially those with dark hair and eyes.

This type of skin easily tans without burning. However, the olive skin reacts poorly to ultraviolet rays and tends to appear whitish spots on the face, the so-called melasmas. These spots become very evident on the skin and can be difficult to remove even with aesthetic treatments.

Who has olive skin also knows that attention is needed when choosing makeup, especially the foundation. Some base colors may turn the skin gray or pink.

Meet now some olive skin care, are tips on how to protect it, maintain hydration and make an amazing makeup.

Olive Skin Care

To prevent the appearance of blemishes on the face and protect olive skin from the sun, the SPF 30 sunscreen is the most recommended. Those who already have melasmas should use a SPF 70 sunscreen on the spots.

During the day, opt for facial moisturizers that have vitamin C in the composition, substance that has whitening action and antioxidant and helps to make the skin more beautiful and soft.

To maintain the olive skin Healthier, cleansing and care are also essential for skin pores to breathe easily. This prevents the appearance of blackheads, pimples and the increase of oiliness.

Before bed and when you wake up, try to use liquid products that have active antioxidants to the skin and always remove makeup by washing your face with a deep cleansing neutral soap.

The use of night serum In the face helps to strengthen the resistance of the olive skin improving its appearance, giving more elasticity, shine, softness and preventing the onset of early signs of age.

Women of olive skin They are more prone to the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. To alleviate the problem and counteract these unwanted blemishes, use a specific whitener on the under eye area daily.

Olive Skin Makeup

As this skin tone has a slightly greenish background and makes the dark circles more evident, the olive skin makeup It requires some tricks and special touches for a perfect finish.

THE base for olive skin it should be beige or yellowish and the compact powder must have a tanning effect. The concealer should have a slightly lighter shade than the face and in case of very obvious dark circles, you must camouflage the dark colors in the region below the eyes with a specific color concealer in the shade of yellow.

The ideal blush for light brunettes should be peach or burnt pink for a healthier, more natural look. For lips, prefer nude, red, wine and pink lipsticks with closer nuances.

Escape the pastel colors and prefer the bolder colors. Shades with dark shades such as black, brown, wine, eggplant, terracotta and gold help to enhance the look, bet without fear.


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