Summer operation can trigger concertina effect

With the arrival of summer, we come across the heat, vacations, beach and, consequently, back and belly out, short dresses and bikini. What for some is natural, for others it is a chaos because the weight is above the desired. The race against time begins, after all January is very close.

So many women end up resorting to various strategies to lose weight fast. However, the vast majority of them have a temporary effect, regaining all lost weight after the summer. As we live in the age of immediacy, we never plan to pursue our goals, we want it all now, and the weight is no different.

But I have some bad news, losing weight fast is not the most appropriate way to stay thin, on the contrary, it is the fastest way to put on weight again while maintaining the accordion effect.

We determine unrealistic and sacrificing values ​​without adequate information, which leads the body to respond to this attack by stopping the weight loss.

We live in a country where the appreciation of the lean body is worshiped and we lose the reference of what would be appropriate and healthy to use as a goal. In search of slim weight, we need to remember to plot actual parameters, taking into account age, height, among other factors that may or may not determine weight loss.

This process generates disappointment, indignation in many people, but if we are going to do a survey, we will find that in most of this population, the schemes are being conducted without the guidance of a skilled professional, which leads to the concertina effect and a very large discouragement.

The lack of perception about emotions greatly determines the process, because taking care of the body also means looking at what we feel, helping us to pursue our goals, and may also lead us to sabotage them.

The important thing is to be aware that we have limitations, that we have fallen into this process, but that we can get up, continue and seek help to make this project effective. Maybe next summer you may be at the desired weight, and happy to have been able to keep it all year long, enjoying the feeling of victory.

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