The angel dresses Prada

Sometimes I like to show my scary side to people. Today I will do this to you. One of my favorite movies is? The Devil Wears Prada? and definitely my heroine is not the innocent, cute Andrea Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway, but the ruthless Miranda Priestly, played by Maryl Streep.

How about taking advantage of this peculiar predilection to talk about proactive behavior x reactive behavior? Searching the internet, I read several manifestos and lessons from HR specialists saying about the mistakes of the "diaba": Lack of training, education, recognition and so on.

All the reviews are absolutely correct, but I keep my heroine for one simple question: I wanted to work for her! I would like to be the intern who has learned in a year what I would hardly learn in my life.

Who has the experience of working with people like Miranda can be more resilient, determined, competent and, above all, proactive.

At some points in our lives, if strategic, we may submit to it, provided we are aware of who we are, what our structure is, and where we want to go.

I propose an inverse exercise: Let us look at the villain's reasons. What drives people to act this way? Because as we see fit, she's not the only one of her kind. We can always find a Miranda along the way. I have listed some reasons why? Mirandas? become a real remedy for some passive behaviors.

1 ? People who expect things at hand and don't run after learning

Much is said about training, preparation and opportunities. All actions aimed at them are legitimate, however, some people take advantage of the lack or over-preparation in companies to remain in their comfort pussy and not run after the new.

It is a trace of our national behavior. We waited for things to come to us and we were sorry that we did not leave the place. But the big question is: What step did you take? When did you move toward the unknown or the coveted?

Tip: Don't be sorry if you had the necessary training or not, run You after learning!

2 ? People who always stay in your comfort zone

Andrea entered the core of fashion and yet relied on her résumé and intelligence to scorn what she did not know. In the end, he learned that the fashion world was far more complex and richer than he could imagine.

Tip: Do not scorn or run away from what you do not master. Open to the new and absorb the new knowledge even as it takes you out of your comfort zone.

3? Mediocre and intolerant people

Andrea's boyfriend and friends were extremely intolerant of their new moment. They agreed to spend the night listening to the aspiring Chef say he spent the month cooking only potatoes, but Andrea couldn't share her experiences and challenges with her new job. The reason is simple: prejudice. Some people tend to reject the new and the changes in the other, even if the changes represent an evolution in their career.

Tip: Beware of advice from people who are interested in continuing the Status Quo, they will strongly resist any developments in your career.

4? People who have limited insight into their leaders

Despite all of her boss's eccentricities, at the end of the movie Andrea took a mature stance and began to empathize with her. Coincidentally or not, she got Miranda's respect the moment she came to respect her and see her as a human being worthy of respect.

If your boss is in the position you are, he somehow deserves your respect for having achieved such a position. And make no mistake, however attuned and well-graded you are, you have something to learn from him.

Tip: Instead of complaining about your boss's characteristics, face reality, accept him as he is, and learn, for surely if you are not in his place, you still have something to know.

Finishing the film, Miranda says: "If you want this life, choices are needed." She was absolutely correct. You may or may not want to be a Miranda or a great executive. However, whatever life you want to have, have the dignity and intelligence to deal with renunciation and all kinds of people, because in the end it was through a letter of recommendation from? Diaba? Andrea managed to realize her big dream of being a writer.

The Devil Wears Prada (1/5) Movie CLIP - Gird Your Loins! (2006) HD (April 2021)

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