Tricks for ironing

Of the housework needed to keep everything in order, iron clothes It's certainly not on the women's favorite list. But since there is no escape, the solution is to build courage and face that mountain of clothing. To make the task easier, check out some tricks for ironing, which still serve to prevent the inconvenience of having a burnt or even underdone appearance.

Learn how to iron

Have a good iron It is the first step. There are models that work dry or steam, which facilitates the elimination of wrinkles and creases in clothes. Prefer models with thermostat practical, with a choice of temperature levels. Thus you can adjust the ideal temperature according to each type of fabric. The ideal temperature at which the part is to be ironed is usually indicated on the label. If the label does not bring this information, increase the iron temperature slowly.

A good tip for sufferers when it comes to unpack clothes, is not to leave the clothes exposed to the sun for a long time, as they get harder to iron. Ideally, they should be collected from the clothesline as soon as they are dry.

As soon as you remove the clothes from the clothesline, separate those that need ironing and those that do not need iron. Fold each piece very carefully, leaving it taut to prevent them from kneading any more. The only exception is the social shirts, which are more laborious when ironing and therefore must go from the clothesline directly to the hanger.

Use products that help remove wrinkles and creases and make the iron slide more easily. If you do not have these products, you can spray water mixed with a little softener. Nas black clothes, the correct thing is to spray only pure water to avoid looking like they are full of hair.

Black clothes and fabrics like crepe, satin and linen should be ironed inside out. Another option is to put a very thin cloth over it. This prevents glare and unwanted marks. Follow the same guidelines for delicate parts with embroidery, applications or rubberized prints and use the iron at a low temperature.

How to iron shirt?

THE social shirt It is considered the most complicated piece to pass. The correct order to iron the shirt and make it flawless is to start by making the collar straight without bending. Then pass the cuffs, sleeves, front. Last the back, finish by folding the collar and hang the shirt immediately on the hanger.

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