20 light brown hair inspirations that you will love from the heart

In the midst of the huge range of possibilities when choosing a hair color, there are those who set aside brown just because the tone is the most common. Or, those who already have naturally brown strands prefer to color and adopt other colors. And there's nothing wrong with the desire to want to change or to risk in a bold and unusual tone. But, have you ever noticed how beautiful brown hair is?

In Brazil, brown hair is characteristic of most women: 73% of Brazilian women have brown as their natural hair color, according to a survey by the QualiBest Institute for Koleston. In addition, the survey found that 36% of women who dye their hair choose to color with brown nuances.

But isn't it because it's the tone? ranging from light, medium and dark? more common than brown loses its charm. On the contrary, the color harmonizes with all skin tones, looks great with various lengths or styles and inspires admiration.

If you have natural light brown hair or are thinking of changing the look and adopting the tone, there is plenty of reason to cheer up: the color is beautiful and can greatly enhance your face, match your personality and even get sighs from observers .

Check out 20 beautiful and inspiring light brown hair.

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1. See how long brown hair looks

Zendaya keeps changing her hair style and knows how to enjoy the charms of long brown hair.

2. But the tone also looks beautiful with the short strands

It was no coincidence that Karlie Kloss chose to parade around like this, right?

3. Some say that the shorter the better

A great example is Anne Hathaway, rocking her short brown at major Hollywood events.

4. And the color is also great in those who have bangs

See how the brown bangs frame Alexis Bledel's face!

5. Light brown looks beautiful on straight and curly hair

Eva Longoria, with her smooth strands, and Diana Maria Riva with their large, voluminous curls are clear proof of this.

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6. Brown curls are amazing

Look how beautiful Yara Shahidi looks with her curls.

7. Bulky brown strands are wonderful

What more could we expect from a Rihanna choice?

8. Super smooth and brown is sensational

So much so that Leighton Meester appears that way to bring Blair to life in the Gossip Girl series.

9. It's silly to say that only blondes are sexy

Light brown can be very sexy. If you have any questions, just go to Angelina Jolie.

10. Light brown looks great free, light and loose

See how beautiful Lea Michelle's hair is, without needing a single clip.

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11. But there is also a charm with hairstyles

Tyra Banks proves it. You can whip through the tutorials and learn all kinds of braids.

12. And still suits several accessories

A little band, a hat, a colorful scarf, a glittery tiara, or just a cap like this one from Ellen Page.

13. Bullshit to think light brown doesn't draw attention

After all, look how beautiful Sofia Vergara's hair is.

14. See how light brown is stylish

Of course it's the color of people full of personality, like Alexa Chung.

15. If you take a picture the color will look beautiful

The combination of light brown with skin tone, the effect of light reflections: is a very photogenic hair. Emma Watson knows that.

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16. And the movement is eye-popping

Noemie Lenoir's curls in motion are almost hypnotic.

17. Who has light brown hair deserves praise

Because, even without anything fancy, the hair is a fun? like Aubrey Plaza's.

18. And you get a little confused when you think about changing colors

Jennifer Lopez has tried to become blonde, but always turns back to brown.

19. After all, light brown is beautiful

Beyonce would not choose this hair color if she was not wonderful!

20. It's hard not to be in love with the tone

Even more in love after checking Alessandra Ambrosio's locks.

Who has (or wants to have) light brown hair has only reason to celebrate. Get inspired!

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