Cotton vs. polyester: advantages and disadvantages of each material

Women are in frequent contact with garments. Whether it is time to make new purchases, wash them, store them or simply put them on a daily basis. This is exactly why it is interesting to know a little about the different types of fabrics, knowing their properties, advantages and disadvantages.

Two well-known fabrics are cotton and polyester, which make up the most varied pieces of women's clothing: dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, coats etc. But they have quite different characteristics, although not always visible at first glance.

Cotton cloth

Cristina Zanetti and Fernanda Resende, personal style consultants, owners of Oficina de Estilo and authors of the book? Vista who you are? discover and perfect your personal style ?, explain that cotton is part of the group of fabrics made with natural fibers (along with wool, linen and silk).

Does this type of fabric behave? Of course, it breathes, which is its biggest advantage. That is, the outside air can penetrate the piece, and it allows the heat of our body to escape. This way, the thermal sensation is better, the piece does not smell bad, is it fresher ?, says Cristina.

Another important feature concerns its durability. ? Cotton clothes last longer, are more resistant to machine washes, ironing. There is no denying that it is a piece of higher quality, looks better, dull ?, explains Cristina.

However, since everything has two sides, cotton garments also have their disadvantages: they are so wrinkled, so you need to be more careful about ironing them, storing them at home, packing them for a trip. Also, because they are made of a natural fiber, they can "lacquer" it. after use or shrink more easily after a wash ?, highlights the style consultant.


The polyester comes from artificial / synthetic fibers. ? It has the appearance of a fabric, but in fact it is a strand of oil ?, highlight Cristina Zanetti and Fernanda Resende.

Its biggest disadvantage is that it blocks the air inlet and does not allow the heat to escape from our body. "This is a type of piece that heats up a lot, besides holding odor, causing the stench," says Cristina.

Polyester has even less durability, can form marbles, burn on iron if not ironed properly, and look less attractive? (although there are many beautiful pieces in this fabric and some even at very high prices).

But it also has its advantages! “Don't knead, it's great for those who travel a lot. It may be a good option for cooler days, to be put under a coat, for example. In addition to drying very quickly after washing ?, highlights the style consultant Cristina.


In general, polyester pieces are cheaper than cotton ones. Which is extremely acceptable, since clothes made of natural fabrics have greater durability. But today we find everything. There are beautiful pieces of polyester with a high price, as well as cotton pieces with a very commercial price etc. ?, says Cristina.

An eye on the label

The style consultants add that many pieces still mix these two fabrics: cotton and polyester. "What may be useful: the piece does not crumple as much, but is also fresh, does not cause bad odor etc.", they explain.

To make good choices, according to Cristina Zanetti and Fernanda Resende, it is essential to observe the label at the time of purchase. ? You have to look at the composition of the piece and also, see, what are the necessary precautions when washing it, ironing it. Should all clothing contain this information ?, they explain.

That way you choose a piece that meets your goals. For example, if your idea is to invest in a piece to take on a specific trip, polyester may be a good option. If you are looking for a longer lasting piece, for example to work with, cotton fabric is the best bet.

Looking at the composition of the piece, you buy quality or, even if you choose not to buy, you are doing it consciously. And not buying cat for hare ?, concludes Cristina.

It is noteworthy that currently many women have the habit of buying clothes also over the internet. As it is not possible at this time to observe the label, it is essential to look for more details about products: what is its composition, what is the necessary care with the part etc.

Cotton and polyester parts: where to buy and prices

Check out some options of cotton and polyester pieces:

Cotton Blouse for R $ 79,90 at Enfim Webstore

Polyester Gradient T-Shirt for $ 50.00 at Dafiti

Cotton tank top for R $ 22,90 at Renner

Polyester Tank Top for R $ 69,90 at Renner

Cotton shirt for $ 50.99 at Hering

Colcci Polyester Shirt for R $ 342.30 at Dafiti

Cotton Lace Dress for R $ 129,90 at Olook

Black Polyester Dress for R $ 439,90 at Dafiti

Two-color cotton dress for R $ 69,99 in Catwalk

Polyester Dress for R $ 99,90 at Aremo

Given this information (composition, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of fabrics, care needed), it is much easier to make good choices, choosing beautiful, quality pieces that meet your goal at the time of purchase.

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