Healthy Spices You Must Eat

To make meals more tasty, it is not enough to add only salt during the preparation. The special touch of the food is up to the spice, which give the dishes more aroma and flavor in a healthy way and are still good for health, as many of them have beneficial properties. Meet now some Healthy Spices You Must Eat, learn how to use them in the kitchen, and enjoy growing recipes today.

Red pepper

Peppers are not appreciated by everyone, but the spicy taste of this food adds a special touch to meals. In addition, when consumed without exaggeration, red pepper can also contribute to health.

The main benefits of red pepper for health are accelerating metabolism and lowering cholesterol. It also helps you lose weight.

THE Red pepper It can be eaten as a natural as a side dish or can also be used in the powder version to increase the spice of meals.


Spicy and aromatic, the ginger It is rich in potassium, magnesium, copper and vitamin B6. In addition to giving a special flavor to the dishes, thermogenic food can be effective against headaches, PMS symptoms, stomach aches, relieves nausea and combat diarrhea, arthritis and other ailments. Ginger consumption can also be effective in fighting cancer.

In addition to the benefits, ginger in meals or tea speeds up metabolism and breakdown, helps to burn fat because by consuming it the body temperature increases, forcing the body to expend more energy.


With its aroma, the cinnamon stimulates appetite providing health benefits. In small amounts in recipes and teas, improves cognitive processing of the brain, stimulates memory, attention, increases visual and motor agility.

Cinnamon is also a great ally for controlling blood sugar in diabetics. O cinnamon tea It is great for relieving cold and flu symptoms.


From the ginger family, the saffron It has a mild fragrance and spicy aroma. The herb can be used in meals as a coloring or seasoning. Its benefits are diuretic, digestive action and it helps to lift the mood. Turmeric is also a source of powerful antioxidants against cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Also known as turmeric or yellow ginger, the turmeric It is widely used in Asian cooking to color mustards, cheese, beverages and pickled foods. O turmeric powder It can also be included in the preparation of sauces, stews, rice, poultry and fish, pasta, bread and risotto. Turmeric consumption is effective in reducing inflammation associated with arthritis, has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing action, combats flatulence and colic.


The most common seasoning in the Brazilian dish is very beneficial for health. The consumption of parsley Prevents the formation of clots that can clog the vessels and cause stroke. In the form of tea, it is a holy remedy to expel kidney stones, as well as being diuretic, thinning the blood and can also fight breast cancer.


O Rosemary It is widely used as a spice for fish, poultry and seafood. The herb also serves to flavor sauces and other types of recipes. It is indicated to combat migraine, respiratory and throat infections, arthritis, insomnia and even hangover, among other uses.

It is contraindicated for people with epilepsy and for pregnant women. Excessive consumption can also cause problems such as gastroenteritis (gastrointestinal tract infection) and nephritis (kidney inflammation). Ideally use few amounts of the herb.

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