6 Amazing Habits That Can Make a Good Impression

Good manners, kindness, and a sense of humor are characteristics that help us open doors in our personal and professional lives, and you shouldn't let them go. But besides these, there are some tricks that increase your chances of making a good impression.

The way people see you at first can be decisive in situations like a job interview or when you meet your boyfriend's family, as you may not have a chance to dispel any misunderstandings.

Thus, it is always interesting to know some unusual habits that can help you do well on these occasions, such as these six listed below:

1. Imitate the other person's gestures

You should not act like the? Shadows? that torment people who pass on the street but imitate? quietly ? Some gestures and behaviors from your caller help create a good impression. This is the so-called chameleon effect, which favors a sense of connection between two people.

2. Repeat your caller's words

Just as mimicking the other person's gestures helps create a connection, can repeating some of your words make them have a good impression of you? This is the "eco effect".

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Repeat the last three words your caller said in a sympathetic manner, as if you were? Reviewing? What you have heard demonstrates that you are interested in the conversation and acts as an incentive for him to continue his speech.

3. Smile naturally when taking pictures

If a person's first contact with you will be through a photo, choose one where you have a natural smile and a calm look, as this draws attention to you in a positive way.

On the other hand, can pictures that you have very wide eyes give an impression of fear and distrust? You can also use this tip when choosing your profile picture on social networks.

4. Ask people for favors

This may seem odd at first, but asking a person a favor can make them end up liking you more? as long as it's plausible, obviously.

The explanation for this would be to fix a? Bug? provoked in the brain: When we do someone a favor we don't like very much, our minds get confused because we don't really understand why we are doing it. To fix? this weird feeling, we tend to think that deep down we might like this person.

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Also, asking for favors shows that you are an authentic person and have no problem assuming that you need help.

5. Make small mistakes

As much as most people believe that striving to convey an image of perfection can help others to like them, the truth is that it is the know-it-alls. Those who never fail can arouse a sense of inferiority in those around them.

Thus, making small mistakes can be a good thing, because you will show that, just like the others, is only human? and it helps people sympathize with you.

6. Pronounce the person's name

It's quite simple, but it works: Entering your caller's name a few times during the conversation helps create a sense of empathy. Is this because hearing your name makes you feel valued? and it's easier to like who likes us too.

Of course, you will need to keep showing your strengths in order to cultivate a good relationship with the person you just met or to stay in the job you have earned. However, without leaving a good impression, it is much more difficult to move on in these situations, so it is worth putting these habits into practice.

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