How to be a good friend

Want to know how to strengthen your friendship with that dear friend and be a friend even better? Check out our tips and make this friendship the best friendship you can have.

1 ? Do not require attention or exclusivity

If she's not paying you much attention, she probably has her reasons. Touching her is fine, but getting your friend's attention as if her friendship is something you bought isn't cool. Anyway, it is worth talking to her and see what is happening, maybe she is in a bad phase and prefer to be alone thinking.

Another thing that is common but not interesting in a true friendship is to demand that it be just your friend, to demand exclusivity. Your friend is not a product and need not be yours alone. Respect the friendships, dating and other relationships she has.

2 ? Give less advice and respect her decisions

You may have been through a number of relationships and situations similar to those your friend is experiencing, but each one is each one and it's up to her to decide which step to take at these times. Only she is living that, at that moment, and so she must trace one course or another. Respect your friend's decisions, because when the time comes to choose one thing or another, she will know which one to choose.

3? Be genuinely happy with her happiness

When you really are friends with someone, you are happy when they are happy and do not envy what they have achieved. So, no coveting that dress that looks beautiful on her!

4? Release your childish side and have fun together

When you are together don't be trying to look perfect all the time, let go! Let yourself be taken by the moments and have fun, either singing with the hairbrush or making an appetizing brigadeiro with your friend. What counts is having fun together, being comfortable and enjoying it.

5? Invest in your friendship with small gestures

Like other relationships (dating, marriage) the friendship needs to be taken care of so that the bonds between you do not break. Small gestures such as a visit when your friend is sad or bringing her a sweetie at the end of a long day at work can count a lot on friendship and she will surely love it.

How to Be a Good Friend (April 2021)

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