How to choose the wedding buffet

At the time to choose the buffet for the weddingGrooms should not only consider price. The key is to search hard and look for a service that combines quality, sophistication and fits the style of the party.

The ideal is to hire the wedding buffet well in advance. At least six months before the ceremony is sufficient to ensure the availability of the date and have time to arrange all the details.

To hire the service, grooms need to know exactly what it offers, given the structure, the services of the professionals and the menu. The first fundamental detail is to define the buffet type. The most used in weddings are cocktail, self service and formal dinner.

O cocktail It is the simplest, practical option and may also be the cheapest. Canapes and small snacks are usually served which guests can enjoy while standing, which eliminates tables and cutlery. Despite the simplicity in the way of serving, the charm of the cocktail is due to the creativity of the presentation of canapés and snacks, whether in preparation or containers.

O self service It works the same as in restaurants like this: guests head to a table where all the dishes on the menu are and can serve themselves. One of the advantages of the self-service buffet is that guests choose what they want and how much they want to eat. In addition to reducing the number of waiters to be hired for the reception, which reduces spending.

O formal dinner It usually consists of starter, main course and dessert. To use this type of buffet at the wedding reception, all guests must be guaranteed a seat at a table, which requires more waiters to serve everyone.

In some weddings, the couple opt for two types of buffet and serve a cocktail to welcome the guests and a dinner later. It is a good option that will surely please the guests, but the bride and groom should always take into account the amount available for this.

Another factor that may influence the hiring the wedding buffet is the time of the event. If it is in the morning, the bride and groom can offer a great breakfast or lunch to the guests.

Chosen the buffet type, the couple can start making quotes on the companies offering the service. Some offer predefined menus, but the couple need not stick to them and can request a quote according to their own options. The couple can also attend a buffet tasting to decide which menu items they like best.

Asking for referrals to friends and professionals can help, but ideally, the couple should be sure to check it out in person.

All set, it's time to close the contract with the chosen buffet. Do not make verbal agreements, ask for a written contract and make sure that all details about the menu, drinks, equipment, payment and billing in case of breakages or damage to buffet utensils and materials are specified correctly.

How to Plan a Wedding Buffet (April 2021)

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