Powerful Woman's Manual

You may have heard about them. Full of you, sure, the powerful women They don't go unnoticed anywhere. But it does not happen because they are displayed or placed. Quite the opposite. Everyone notices her safety, firmness in herself, the way she walks, speaks.

Who explains well is the bestselling author? Why do men love powerful women? (Ed. Sextant), Sherry Argov. According to her, there is nothing more boring to a man than a woman without personality and vulnerable, who spends all the time trying to please him. Are you the big one? It means being aware of their qualities, valuing themselves, not being afraid to impose themselves and, above all, knowing that their needs must always come first?

Want to know how to become one of them? Then take note of your commandments.

1st Love yourself above all

Always put your wants and feelings first. This is because the true powerful woman prioritizes. That is the secret to her being so admired by women and respected by men. "This is the real internal emotional fortress," says psychologist and relationship and anxiety specialist, Alexandre Bez (SP).

2º Do not live because of the beloved

Of course you need not despise it. After all, having a man by our side is great. But it is not everything in life. Total dedication to your partner is unhealthy for you and much less for your relationship. That's because you might be called boring by him. Therefore, have other priorities in your daily life such as your own beauty, a course, your family, friends, among others. Men are attracted to the happiness and versatility that women transmit.

3rd Be authentic in bed

Having sex just to have a little affection or to satisfy the beloved is not a powerful attitude. Do it only when you're really in the mood. This will make you enjoy the hot times better. The powerful woman only does what she wants in bed and does not accept everything proposed to her. Remember to always put yourself first.

4th Just do what you like

To feel fulfilled you have to give priority only to what really makes you happy. Professionally, in personal life and in every other branch of her life, the powerful woman goes after her goals and only what really interests her. Have no doubt that the cat will strive to get on this list.

5th Always be yourself

If you try to force something that is not consistent with your personality, it will sound false. Some women do this to try to meet the expectations of their partner, friend or boss, for example. Does this show lack of emotional structure and lack ?, says the psychologist. That is, it is best to show who you really are. That way, everyone will surely respect her a lot more.

6th Be light and fun

Who likes to have someone by their side complaining about life? Nobody, is not it? So don't be such a person. Try to be positive and authentic, of course! "Depressive women who only see the bad side of things only cause one kind of feeling: discouragement and laziness," says Bez.

7th Do not hold back

No hiding what you think. "Those who do not express their thoughts conflict with themselves," explains the psychologist. Respect the opinions of others but be sure to state yours if you feel like it. It will make you feel super powerful!

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