Shadow Enhancer

On the packaging, the color looks beautiful and has incredible pigmentation, but when it comes to applying, the result is completely different. This is very common with makes, especially shadows.

One solution to the problem is to apply a shadow enhancer, which enhances the color of makeup and gives a more beautiful finish.

O shadow enhancer, or shadow primer, is a non-greasy water-based textured cream that not only enhances color but also extends eye makeup.

Using Shadow Enhancer

The product should be applied throughout the eyelid, spreading with the finger. The drying of shadow enhancer It's very fast. Then just apply the shadow the way you want.

It is worth testing the fastener shadows before using your favorite color or taking advantage of those saved shadows you don't need because you don't see the color long after you apply it. Try it and check the result.

Enhancer/Disc vs Shadow/Mage @ NextGen-WoW (April 2021)

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