Tips for Getting Back After Pregnancy

After nine months of much anticipation, your baby has arrived and will need your attention and care almost full time. Although it's a time of a lot of celebration and excitement, it's also time to start thinking about regain fitness.

Pregnancy leaves traces on the woman's body and self-esteem. Staying with sagging breasts, protruding belly, flabby and excess fat are the biggest fears of moms. But it is possible to be slim again without surgery, just have to be very willing and face a balanced menu and a routine of physical activities. See some tips for lose weight after pregnancy.

Food Care After Pregnancy

For back in shape after pregnancy, eat at least five meals a day every three hours. If you eat properly and respect the breaks, you will not feel hungry throughout the day.

During the breast-feedingIt is important to add high protein foods and minerals to the diet such as iron found in red meat, fish, egg yolk, whole grains, spinach, breakfast cereals and vegetables.

Resist the temptation of sweets and fried foods, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. In addition to being excellent sources of vitamins and fiber, they aid in proper bowel function and give the feeling of satiety. Best of all, the fibers have low calorie value. The list of benefits of fruits and vegetables for the diet after pregnancy It doesn't stop there. They also have plenty of water, which facilitates hydration of the body.

Keep the body hydrated After the baby is born, it is very important both to help with milk production and to keep fit. Drink two liters of liquid a day, it can be water, tea, juices or coconut water. A good tip is green tea, for example, which rehydrates the body and even helps to eliminate fat and impurities.

Practice exercises after childbirth

After childbirth, no running to the gym and hours of exercise, very intense activities can interfere with milk production and the body needs time to adapt to this new phase. At hiking They are a great exercise for those who want to resume the routine, and the new mom can enjoy doing it in the company of the baby. A 30-minute walk a day through the neighborhood streets, for example, is already working.

The belly is the part of the body of the woman who suffers most from pregnancy. The abs are always a good choice and can be done at home. Start with just 10 a day and increase the amount within your body limits.

Some regions of the body such as the abdomen, chest, back, and lower back need stiffening exercises to tone the muscles. Alternate aerobic exercise with bodybuilding so you lose weight and still make it hard.

THE Lymphatic drainage is one of the procedures indicated before, during and after pregnancy. Massage stimulates the body to eliminate fluids and toxins.

Breastfeeding helps you lose weightas it causes the body to consume fat, expend energy and burn calories. So breastfeed your baby without restrictions

Getting back in shape after pregnancy (April 2021)

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