Tips for keeping the clothes rack organized

Leaving the shelves and drawers of the closet with the clothes always well folded and in order makes it much easier to find the desired piece.

But beyond the shelves, keep the clothes rack organized It also helps to leave clothes more conserved and without danger of wrinkling. The hangers They are usually used to place garments made of delicate fabrics or that are easy to knead. And to make sure your clothes stay intact, you need to wear the hanger type right for each piece.

Short-stemmed hangers, for example, are ideal for hanging trousers because they keep the garment always stretched.

For skirts, shorts, suits and sets, the hangers with clips they are the best since they don't tag the clothes. Prefer hangers with chromed clips because plastic models don't hold clothes so tightly.

For clothes of finer fabrics such as shirts, dresses and blouses, prefer boomerang-shaped hangers. This type of hanger prevents parts from slipping and facilitates handling.

Others tips for keeping the clothes rack organized:

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