6 Important Tips For Women Who Want To Get Pregnant

It is not always possible for a woman to become pregnant once she has decided with her partner that she wants to have a baby. So is it difficult to control anxiety?

Do many couples even start researching ways for women to get pregnant faster? It is common for questions to arise such as: • are there more appropriate positions for pregnancy to occur? Do some foods really make a difference? etc.

With this in mind, here are some guidelines that can help the woman who wants to get pregnant, as well as tips on how to control anxiety in this period:

1. Control anxiety

Alfonso Massaguer, gynecologist and obstetrician specializing in Human Reproduction and Director of the Mother Clinic, points out that anxiety is very common in the general population, but especially in those women trying to conceive. Of course, it can cause problems through increased stress, family and professional conflicts, but it will not be a direct cause of infertility. Will we help these women by telling them not to be anxious or that this anxiety is causing this difficulty in having a baby?

Thaise Dias Titon, Psychology and Yoga specialist, Personare professional, explains that anxiety is generated by mental turmoil and expectations created, the famous preoccupations. "The agitated mind, wanting to control the uncontrollable," comments.

But, according to the expert, there are countless ways for the woman who wants to become a mother to work her balance, find peace and surrender. Below she cites some examples:

Yoga: Does this practice make a woman aware of her body? mind, and may even, on a greater level, work on spirituality. It leads the practitioner to respect his biorhythm. Those who practice yoga, with discipline and assiduity, can find numerous benefits to become aware of whether or not it is time to be a mother, and accept why, in certain situations, is not ?, emphasizes Thaise.

Therapy: Another way for the woman to calm down is therapy, having a weekly or biweekly therapeutic follow-up to observe and being able to elaborate, exchange and express her pains, doubts and fears that are usually behind the anxiety. "The psychologist can help her welcome and transform this anxiety by understanding what is generating this reaction," says Thaise.

Body Therapy: ? in the specific case of body therapy, which is the line I follow, the body work,? Grounding ?, widely used in bioenergetics, brings women to the present moment, through techniques that take care of the expansion of breathing, becoming the most gentle and productive. In addition to promoting more vitality and strengthening to your body. That is, the more in contact with the body itself, the more the body is flexible and free of tension, the more serene your mind will be and the anxiety is reduced ?, explains Thaise.

2. Have relationships at the right time.

This is a fundamental measure for the woman who wants to get pregnant: to have sex at the right time according to the table. Ideally around (3 days before and after) ovulation, which occurs 14 days before the next menstruation. Therefore, in a 30-day menstrual cycle, ovulation will occur around the sixteenth day (30? 14 = 16), and sexual intercourse should occur from the thirteenth to the nineteenth day, explains gynecologist and obstetrician Massaguer.

3. Count on healthy eating

Many people have no idea, but healthy eating is also very important for the woman who wants to get pregnant.

• A healthy diet always helps, must rely on many fruits and vegetables. In obese women, can weight loss help a lot? Therefore, low fat and low calorie foods. A good nutritionist is always an important ally at this stage when the woman decides to get pregnant?, Highlights the obstetrician and obstetrician Massaguer.

In this sense, it is also essential to suspend smoking and alcohol consumption.

4. Keep the gynecological routine up to date

It is very important for the woman to make frequent visits to her gynecologist and to inform her as soon as possible of her decision to become pregnant. This way, the professional will guide you in every step so that she can achieve her goal.

5. Take folic acid

"It's important for women to take folic acid three months before trying to get pregnant," says gynecologist and obstetrician Massaguer.

Folic acid is a B-complex vitamin present in some foods such as spinach, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits etc. It is critical for a woman who expects to become pregnant, as the deficiency of folic acid in the mother's diet can cause a malformation of the baby's neural tube that is beginning its growth and development within the belly.

Because not only diet alone provides enough folic acid that a woman needs, doctors recommend supplementation so that the recommended dose can be taken by the future mother.

6.? Take care? of your relationship

Alfonso Massaguer points out that? Care for the relationship? It is also important for the woman who wants to get pregnant. “This special period of life cannot be allowed to become painful. Should sexual intercourse to have a child be a special moment and the consecration of a union? The couple should enjoy and enjoy this moment and not realize it by obligation. The tactics for this are many, but can we try to summarize them as romanticism, good humor and love ?, concludes the gynecologist.

How to know if you are ready to have a baby?

Thaise Titon points out that, first, women need to be aware that they will learn a lot in practice. I believe that the essential thing would be to prepare the body, emotions, mind and spirit to gestate and receive the new being. The woman prepared to exercise motherhood will feel the call, will deeply desire. Your intuition will naturally surface, your body will naturally prepare to receive the soul and gestate?

Another important point, according to the professional, is the woman receiving emotional support from her partner and family members. • The man can play a key role in providing emotional support to the woman, knowing that at that moment she will need to dedicate herself fully to her child. I think this conversation between the couple is fundamental ?, he adds.

The idea is that all these tips serve to give more security to women who want to get pregnant! If you are one of them, remember: you may not get pregnant on the first try, but by staying calm, relying on the support of your partner and family, and following all the guidelines given by your doctor, you will probably perform the dream of having a baby!

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