Colored eyeliner

O colored eyeliner Promises to rock the streets. One of the most current concepts to make makeup happy is the vibrant color eyeliner, which further enhances the look and makes the look bolder.

Usually the eyeliner is used on the upper eyelid, but it takes a lot of practice when making the stroke. This season, the tendency to use eyeliner is to make fine strokes on the eyelid and also on the lower part of the eyes, close to the eyelashes. Under-eye color is a new option for younger, more modern women who like to innovate without fear of making mistakes.

To know how to pass an eyeliner it is necessary to have patience, a lot of training and firmness in the hands, so the trace is thin and marked correctly. For ease of use, choose a product that has a very thin brush and few bristles.

The colored eyeliner can be found in many colors. Blue and green are widely used, while the shades of pink and violet should vary according to the tone of your skin. So pay attention at the time of choice.

Tips for using colored eyeliner

  • To ensure a more delicate thickness, draw as close as possible to the eyelash root.
  • Small or very narrow eyes ask for as thin a scratch as possible.
  • The darker the eyeliner tone, the more discreet the effect.
  • At the time to use colored eyelinerIdeally, use a neutral base such as brown at the bottom of the eyes.
  • The focus of makeup should be only on one of the areas of the face, so when it comes to highlighting the look, it is advisable to make the rest of the face more neutral.
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