Tips for reconciling personal and professional life

Be a working woman requires of you the ability to reconcile personal and professional life without leaving either side. In view of this, we suggest some tips to help you balance these two sides of life and have more time to spend with yourself. Check out.

1 ? Share tasks with your mate

If you are married or live with your partner, one of the ways you can lighten your routine a little to spare more of your day for personal life is to share the tasks. If you and he work, it is only fair to divide the tasks equally between the two. After all, no woman deserves to have to work away from home, come at night and still have to do everything herself.

The same rule applies to working mothers: can children also contribute to household chores? as long as they are light and do not take up much of their study and leisure time.

So talk to your mate and share the tasks so that each one has a part of the activities. You don't have to be extremely rigid in the division, you can even make a? Route? and every week change what each one does. They can also do the work together, for example, while one does the dishes, the other dries the dishes. And so on.

2 ? Work during office hours only

Especially during the early years of a relationship or during your child's childhood it is paramount that you work only at work. Ideally, you should follow this rule all the time, but this is not always possible.

So to respect your personal time, turn off your work phone and don't access your work email after work, during weekends, let alone on vacation. Just as you should only work at your job, you should only live life when you are out of it. This makes it easier to have harmony in your personal life and maintain sanity.

3? Have a set time to spend with family

Whether it's visiting grandma or spending time with children or husband, it's important set aside family time in your calendar. You can set a minimum of hours or times a week or even set a fixed time for family moments. So you discipline yourself to stay connected with family members and not get lost in the middle of so much work.

Work is important, but the family also deserves your attention and time. So nothing fairer than sharing a little of this so precious good with who loves you most and deserves your affection and attention.

4? Be patient with yourself and know how to wait

There are moments in life that one needs to calm down. It's not every year that you have to kill yourself at work to get a promotion. Take some time to? Maintain? your work, unwilling to unfold in a thousand to be able to go on.

Spending quiet time in your position can give you a better quality of life and a little more peace of mind. This will give you more energy to invest in your personal life, because she also needs investment.

5? Share your experience with other working women

If weird things go through your head and you always wonder Does only I feel it? Why does it seem so easy for other women to reconcile the personal and the professional? It's interesting that you share these questions and how you feel with your friends who work too.

By sharing these experiences you can learn from each other how to deal with each situation, such as the arrival of a baby, the beginning of a new relationship, and even sad moments like the end of a relationship.

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