Curling Flat Iron: 10 Tutorials and Complete Walkthrough

Karol Pinheiro

At the time of finishing the hair that question may arise: how to make curls with flat iron? Although it is a commonly used item to get a smooth yarn result, be aware that it also works perfectly for curling!

And the best part is that you enjoy the flat iron in different ways and you don't have to spend money buying various hair items. If the topic interests you, check out the videos below with detailed tutorials for you to try at home.

How to make curls with flat iron the easy way

This is a video that teaches how to do curls at home very well. In addition, a successful result can be achieved with both thinner and thicker flat iron. To make your hair look its desired longer, the suggestion is to use a fixative.

How to do curls with flat iron

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Practically, this video teaches how to curl with the flat iron without taking too much time. This only takes a little practice. After mastering the technique, you can get the curls ready in minutes! A golden tip is to pay more attention to the top of the hair, which requires a higher finish.

How to make curls with square flat iron

Even with the square flat iron it is possible to get beautiful curls. To do this, you need to make a diagonal movement with the accessory on the hair strands. The result is open curls with a more bare footprint. If you want them to become even looser, just get your hands on the wires when it's done.

How to Curl Short Hair

To be able to curl at home, the main secret is to be able to turn your hand the right way. Thus, the curls are right. Also, you need to pin the top of the hair and start at the bottom. If you want a little looser curls, the tip is to give them a little tug right after they're ready.

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How to make curls with flat iron and aluminum foil

In this video, the walkthrough teaches you how to curl strands of hair and wrap them in aluminum foil. After that, the flat iron comes into play. The process may not even be the fastest, but yields well-defined curls and who are a pure charm.

How to make curls with thin flat iron

With the thinner flat iron, you can get more defined curls. If that's your goal, this is the right video for you! In addition, you check out in detail how to hold and turn the flat iron for a successful result. There is also a guide on where to start depending on the desired outcome.

How to make curls with thick flat iron

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Want to learn how to curl with a thick flat iron? Then you should check out this video. Here, two different methods are taught: in the first one, it is necessary to have the help of the fingers to make the curls; In the second, aluminum foil comes into play.

How to make flat curls last longer

For curls to last longer, the tip of this video is that they are made more closed. To learn how to do it yourself, just check out the complete walkthrough. With the tips, it will be much easier to get curls that do not easily fall apart.

How to Curl Long Hair

If you have long hair and want well done curls, this video teaches you exactly how to do it. In addition, here you can also check the exact amount of strands that must be separated for a more natural result.

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How to make curls with flat iron step by step

In this video, you can check out a technique where the heat from the flat iron comes into less contact with the hair. This causes damage due to high temperature to be minor. Even so, the walkthrough is very fast. Check out all the tips.

As you can see in the videos, it is not very difficult to curl at home with the flat iron. But practice is still your best friend when it comes to a successful result! To keep your hair healthy, check out some tips on how to moisturize your hair.

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