I am bipolar?

Is it not uncommon to hear in our daily lives that such a person is?bipolar? because of your mood instability One hour is happy and another is sad. In reality the bipolar mood disorder It is quite different from what we might call happiness and common sadness, because the disease is characterized by episodes of extreme joy (euphoria) and extreme sadness (depression). O bipolar You don't know the middle ground and so it's always 'a lot'.

The disease may start in childhood, usually with symptoms such as intense irritability, but the highest incidence rate is from 20 to 30 years. In approximately 80 to 90% of cases patients have a family member with bipolar disorder.

The diagnosis of bipolar disorder It should be done by a psychiatrist and is based on the patient's symptoms. There are no imaging or laboratory tests to aid the diagnosis. The treatment, after accurate diagnosis, is medicated.

Lithium carbonate treatment is the most traditional, and today there is significant progress in the study of new treatments with few but significant new medications introduced in medicine in recent times. Lithium induces a number of adverse effects and therefore its blood concentration needs to be dosed periodically. The modern treatment of bipolar disorder It is made without lithium, with continuous use of olanzapine or quetiapine. With the use of appropriate medications and psychological support, it is perfectly possible to have a normal life.

It is important to say that mood swings can be caused by various types of disease in women and therefore deserve special attention, try to go to the gynecologist often, after all prevention is always the best medicine.

Bipolar Disorder | Clinical Presentation (April 2021)

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