Learn about funding options and college scholarships

Studying is the first step in achieving a career and professional stabilization. But the difficulties in getting through a university entrance exam and the lack of money to cover the expenses of a private college They often prevent people from realizing the dream of earning a degree. However, some scholarships or funding They can help you get into college.

Prouni (University For All Program) ? Does the Federal Government program award scholarships? integral and partial? for students who came from public schools or were scholarships in private institutions. To get a scholarship, you must first take the Enem test? National High School Exam.

Those with family income up to three minimum wages (currently R $ 622.00) per person are entitled to scholarships. To enter college with this scholarship, the educational institution must be part of the program. Applications for a scholarship apply twice a year, usually in January and June, on the program's website.

Fies (Student Financing Fund) ? Does the Ministry of Education (MEC) program fund? between 50 and 100%? the tuition fee at the private universities participating in the program. In order to have your course fully paid for the funding, you will need to pay 60% or more of your per capita family income (per person). When the income commitment is greater than 20%, you can finance half the tuition.

The repayment of the funding starts after the training and you have up to three times the duration of the course to pay off the debt (a course of 3 years, you have 9 years to pay, for example). The course to be funded must be recognized by the MEC. During the course, an average interest rate of R $ 50.00 is charged every three months.

University Scholarships ? A survey by the Brazilian Association of Higher Education Maintainers (ABMES) found that 91% of private higher education institutions grant students some type of scholarship.

These scholarships usually vary between 20 and 100% of the tuition fee. Usually the university or college conducts an internal process, which involves taking a test, proof of income through documents, and analysis of the applicant's socioeconomic status. Age is often also an evaluation criterion.

It is good to look for the institution you are interested in joining and to know, before enrolling, if it offers scholarships to students and what conditions it establishes.

There are also universities that grant discounts linked to the due date of the tuition. These discounts are often attractive and can help to minimize study expenses.

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