Refreshing beauty products

Skin care with products that leave your body soft and protected is even better with a fragrant touch. On very hot days, you need to choose lighter products to avoid sticky and oily skin.

A good summer option is to invest in more citrus-smelling cosmetics and ingredients that leave refreshing beauty productssuch as natural substances such as mint, mint, cucumber and camphor. Meet now some beauty products for summer that take care of the skin and hair leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Thermal water

Enriched with minerals such as calcium, iron, selenium and magnesium, thermal water Nothing else is pure water that comes in contact with deep water sources, so it is enriched with nutrients that contribute to a hydrated and renewed skin.

Nutrient-rich water can be used on all skin types, especially those that are most sensitive and suffer from irritation such as redness. It can be found as a spray or in other cosmetic compositions such as facial and body moisturizers, sunscreens and cleansing tonics.

There are several benefits that thermal water brings to the whole body. A simple spray on the face and body is able to protect the skin against environmental aggressions, combat premature aging and enhance the natural protection of the skin. Thermal water also has anti-inflammatory action, favors the healing process, decreases oiliness, prevents skin dryness and softens sunburn.

To keep the skin always fresh, the tip is to spray the thermal water on the face every day when waking up and before preparing the makeup. The product can also be used anytime you want. On hot days, carry in your bag and whenever possible spray on your face several times throughout the day.

Camphor Products

Camphor has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Products based on this substance are ideal for those with oily and seborrheic skin and hair. The camphor products, like soaps and shampoos, help fight inflammation, acne, and oily hair. In addition, there are several types of camphor massage and anti-cellulite creams that are quite effective for the body.

Menthol Products

Like camphor, menthol products They help dilate blood vessels and have immediate effect when applied to the skin as they relieve itching and allergic reactions. Menthol is present in the creams and lotions compositions, formulas, anti-acne, talc and drying soaps.

Because they have almost the same properties, menthol and camphor make a great pair and are widely used together in some beauty products for the most effective effect.

Tea Products

Beauty products may also have tea-based products to refresh the body. Green tea and green apple tea can be found in exfoliating body creams. They are suitable for all skin types.

In addition to leaving the skin refreshing and with a more citrus smell, the green tea products or green apple has the function of rejuvenating active, protects from free radicals and maintains the elasticity of the skin.

Cucumber Products

In addition to being very refreshing, the cucumber products It has astringent function that helps to shrink enlarged pores. Cucumber is also effective for oily skin as it helps to control the greasy appearance of the skin. Cucumber's natural substances can be found in face, body and even hair creams, always ensuring that fresh feeling.

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