Woman gives birth during her own baby shower

Baby shower is a traditional way to celebrate a woman's pregnancy, and to fill the future baby with pampering and gifts. But recently, in the United States, a mother received a somewhat unexpected gift at the time of her shower: the arrival of her baby!

During the event, Anna Smith began to experience some abdominal pain, but thought it was not important at all. When the guests arrived, Anna was already in labor. “Vicky and Helen, my friends from years old, are my bridesmaids. But I never imagined that someday they would be my midwives too !? joked her 33-year-old mother.

Anna's friend? Emma? The 37-year-old said that as she gave birth a few months ago, she directed her friend who was in labor, according to what she remembers hearing from her doctor at her own birth. Anna had a beautiful girl, named after Martha. The baby was born healthy and without any complications.

Vaginal breech delivery and symphysiotomy (March 2020)

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