Is baby walker recommended? Pediatrician clarifies doubts

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A baby's first steps are one of the most awaited moments for dads. Just thinking about that moment gives a chill in the belly! The furniture in the house changes places and the attention of the parents is redoubled. One of the alternatives found by many to help at this time is the baby walker, which supports the still uncertain steps.

But the subject is controversial, since the marketing of the product was prohibited in Brazil. After all, why aren't walkers recommended? To help the fathers in this mission, we talked to Dr. Natalia C. Paulo de Sousa (CRM 155015), who is a pediatrician and neonatologist, to clarify this doubt!

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Is baby walker recommended? Doctor clarifies

Dr. Natália is emphatic about the subject: the baby walker is contraindicated by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics. Instead of helping, walkers confuse the child: The walker has several casters at its base that are propelled only by the touch of the baby's feet on the floor, and incorrectly. So instead of learning to walk, walkers get in the way and confuse the child.

Instead of facilitating the first steps, the walker impairs the moment: "the effect is to slow the motor development needed to walk, and to impair the discovery of body balance, the development of tendons and muscles," warns pediatrician.

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And the push walker?

In the market there is a model that can help the little ones: the push walkers. "They look like grocery carts, and the baby has to take its own steps on its own, supporting its weight on its own little legs and making the right movements with its feet to walk," Dr. Nátalia explains.

The only precaution is that parents should be aware and supervise the child, as the use can cause small falls, which is also part of the process.

And then, how to stimulate the baby to walk?

According to the pediatrician, the best way to stimulate the little ones is to let them play on the floor, leaning on objects and even their hands to give their little steps, until he feels confident to do it alone.

In the learning process, some falls will be necessary, but always be by the side calming and giving security to the baby.

Baby Walker: Experiences and Reviews

Learn about the experience of the push walker, the risks of the traditional model, and tips on how to create the perfect environment and encourage the child to take the first steps on the floor.

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Review of push table walker

In this video you will see the review of a push walker, a model recommended by pediatricians. Besides helping in the first steps, the model serves as an activity table for the child to play. Look!

Risk of Traditional Baby Walkers

This video from the Macetes de Mãe channel explains in detail the risks of the traditional walker and how it impairs the child's development.

Hazards and indications for using the walker

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Walker use is the leading cause of accidents and head trauma in children. With that in mind, know the pros and cons of both walker models.

10 Tips To Encourage Your Baby To Walk

Discover in this video some tricks to create the perfect environment for the baby to get started.

How to create the perfect environment for baby to get started

The best way to help babies get started is to stimulate them on the floor. In this video, you'll find some recommendations and tips to help make this moment enjoyable.

Use these tips and make your child's walking time fun for both parents and toddlers!

Where to buy a suitable walker?

Find out where to find the push walker, a model recommended by pediatricians.

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Leave the little one free and comfortable to go through each step in his time without comparing him to other children, and celebrate with him every little achievement!

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